East Colorado Springs a Neighborhood in Colorado Springs

East Colorado Springs is a neighborhood in the northeast part of Colorado Springs. It’s bordered on the north by Uintah, to the east and south by Cheyenne Mountain Military Academy, with Garden of Gods Road being its western boundary line. The southern portion of East Colorado Springs was originally designated as non-building area because it […]

Facts About Cremation

Cremation is a process that reduces human remains to bone fragments using high heat and flame. Depending on the size of the deceased, cremated remains can weigh anywhere from three pounds for an infant up to ten pounds or more for adults. Colorado Springs Cremation Service Although there are many types of urns designed specifically […]

Ashes to Jewelries

Ashes from Your Loved one can be turned into jewelry. Such a beautiful process that can turn ashes to jewelries but this is not the only option as you have plenty of options available for your loved ones’ Ashes such as Urns, memorial stones, wooden picture frames and many more depending upon how much budget […]

Burial Vs Cremation

When a person dies, their body must be disposed of in some way. Some people choose to have the deceased buried while others opt for cremation instead. Both burial and cremation are very different processes that handle the dead differently but each can still provide benefits to those who choose them. So which method of […]

History of Cremation

Cremation has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years, but it became popularized in modern times and is now widely used. Cremation can be traced back to Ancient Egypt where mummies were prepared by removing internal organs, wrapping them with linen cloths, then embalming the body as a whole before placing it […]

Cremation Process

Cremating a human body is not something that can be done quickly. With the nature of cremation, it is important to consider how long each process takes so you know what will go into your estimate for costs. The time from start to finish with cremation services typically goes as follows: Colorado Springs Cremation Service […]