City Parks in Colorado Springs Colorado

The city of Colorado Springs, CO has a variety of parks to be enjoyed by all ages. Parks are important for many reasons in any community and can benefit people emotionally as well as physically.

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Rocky Mountain – This park is located on the eastern side of Colorado Springs and covers around 75 acres.

Garden of the Gods – This park features some red rock formations from ancient Pikes Peak volcano that have been exposed due to erosion. The area also includes a mix forest, meadows, and sandstone cliffs. There are many trails through this beautiful natural space as well as an outdoor amphitheater where concerts take place throughout the year. *A very popular attraction in Colorado Springs*

Cherry Creek Greenway Trail – Is one continuous trail system for all to enjoy stretching over 100 miles across several cities including Castle Rock, Parker and Aurora CO as well as Denver CO . It consists of paved multi-use paths with easy access points along its route which offers a great opportunity to explore the area. The Cherry Creek Greenway Trail is also used by runners, bicyclists and hikers alike.

Academy Park – This park was founded in 1884 but has been added onto over time including soccer fields along with lighted tennis courts which can be reserved though Parks & Recreation . Academy Park acts as the home of several Colorado Springs sports teams such as baseball for High Schoolers only and softball tournaments throughout the spring/summer months that are televised locally on Channel 11 (KXRM Fox). There is even an indoor ice rink where hockey games take place during winter months located within this beautiful public space along Monument Creek under I-25 near downtown CO Springs. It’s a wonderful location for families to visit and enjoy during all seasons.

Pioneer Park – This park has a lot to offer guests with many amenities such as playground equipment, shelters for picnics and gatherings along with access to fishing ponds around the area . There are also open spaces perfect for outdoor games or just relaxing in nature. Pioneer Park is located on S Nevada Ave near downtown CO Springs across from Palmer High School’s football field which makes it convenient when wanting to stop by after a game.

Rosemont Reservoir Park- Located east of Colorado Springs this beautiful city park offers many opportunities for those looking into spending time outdoors like hiking trails that follow Fountain Creek creek bed , an amphitheater where free concerts take place, picnic areas with grills & tables plus restrooms. There are many ways to enter the park from any one of its four points which makes it easy for visitors when wanting a quick getaway or just new scenery during their daily routine.

Great Sand Dunes National Park – This park is located in Colorado but on the border of New Mexico. It’s known for its tall sand dunes which are formed from a combination of geology and erosion . The area consists of moderate elevation gain with amazing panoramic views all along while hiking or biking through this unique landscape. There’s even an option to take your four-wheel drive vehicle up closer where you can climb some smaller hills designated as “play areas” by rangers within the park, giving more freedom when exploring around these magnificent formations.

Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park – This park is located in the southwest corner of Colorado, surrounded by the Uncompahgre Gorge on its eastern side and Black Canyon Creek to the west. It’s known for being one of deepest canyons not just within CO but all throughout North America . The area ranges from wide grassland meadows along with pine forests that are home to many animals such as elk right up towards rocky cliffs & steep canyon walls that give way into turquoise waters below. There’s even a chance when visiting this majestic place during late spring/early summer months where you might be able see some bighorn sheep or golden eagles soaring above looking for their next meal.