Government in Colorado Springs

The Government of Colorado Springs is run by an elected Board of County Commissioners. This five-member council oversees all city departments and appoints a manager to oversee day to day operations, as well as the City Attorney and Clerk’s office. The city also has its own police force that serves the unincorporated areas outside of Colorado Springs proper, while the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department covers the entire county. 

Colorado Springs Cremation Service

The city government is working to create a more walkable, bike-friendly downtown Colorado Springs by adding new trails and better pedestrian access points. The recent gentrification of Downtown has allowed many businesses to move back into this area that was once plagued with crime, making it an exciting place to live or visit in Colorado Springs.

History of The Government

The city was founded as a mining town in 1871, named for its setting in the mountains. The first government of Colorado Springs was formed in 1877 with the incorporation of the city and began taking care of basic services such as road construction and maintenance, building infrastructure like streets and water mains; firefighting; public health initiatives including sanitation requirements and mosquito abatement; and policing.

Of course, the city government oversees much more than just infrastructure and services today. The Colorado Springs City Government is working to improve many aspects of life in the area by promoting education initiatives, creating programs for local business development while also ensuring that all citizens have access to quality health care.

As a citizen of Colorado Springs it is important to stay informed about the initiatives your local government is working on. The city website, , provides information for all aspects of life in Colorado Springs and also allows citizens to provide feedback or get involved with projects like sustainable energy throughout the city. You can find valuable links to city resources and information such as the City Council meetings schedule.

This is a great resource for citizens to learn more about local initiatives, stay informed on meeting dates and times or even how to get involved in their community. With programs like Citizen University many people are taking advantage of opportunities that make Colorado Springs an exciting place to live today. 

There are many ways to get involved in the community and show your support for Colorado Springs. One of these is through the volunteer program at The Food Bank, which offers a variety of opportunities for all ages; from helping out with special events or packing food boxes, there are plenty of different tasks that can be completed.

The city also supports education initiatives such as staffing English Language Learner programs in elementary schools so students who do not speak English will have an easier time learning this new language while getting acquainted with their new culture. This ensures that they will become more successful when they enter into public school instead of having a difficult transition due to lack of knowledge about both cultures.

There are endless resources available if you want learn more about how you can help your community. Some of these include social media, such as Facebook and Twitter which are great sources for even more information about the city’s initiatives; or you could visit a local library branch to find books that contain helpful suggestions on what you can do in your area.

The Government is working hard every day to improve their citizens’ lives through various programs and services available around Colorado Springs. Whether it be finding volunteer opportunities with The Food Bank or attending one of many educational seminars hosted at UCCS, there are always new ways to get involved!