Northeast Colorado Springs a Neighborhood in Colorado Springs CO

Northeast Colorado Springs is a neighborhood in Colorado Springs. It’s bounded by the Northeast side of Union Blvd, Uinta Street and Meridian street on its west; I-25 to the east and Academy Boulevard to the south. It’s one of 16 neighborhoods that make up Colorado Springs. Northeast Central was annexed into city limits in 1967 but retains much of its rural character with open space like Johnson Farm Park or Memorial Gardens Cemetery. There are also some grand mansions from when this area was considered elite going back 100 years ago still standing here today (like The Rocky Mountain Presbyterian Home).

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There are only two parks within Northeast Central: Greenway Park – which has both baseball fields and basketball courts – and Lory State Park.

There are more than 12,000 people who live in Northeast Central and census data shows that minority residents make up about 33% of the population. The unemployment rate is lower here at just over 11%. There are a number of different schools you can go to if you’re living Northeast central: Pine Creek High School; Mountain Vista Elementary School and George Reynolds Middle School – which was rebuilt after being destroyed by fire back in 2005.

Northeast Colorado Springs is neighborhood located within the city limits of Colorado Springs and bounded by Union Blvd., Uinta Street, Meridian Street and I-25 from its west to east borders with Academy Ave. making it one of 16 neighborhoods that make up Colorado Springs.

Greenway park is one of the most popular recreation spots for people living Northeast central because it hosts local sports teams such as the Rockies Baseball team and several city youth leagues due to having a variety of different sports related facilities including playing fields, basketball courts on its property.

Northeast Colorado Springs is home to a number of parks and trails. The Northeast Park neighborhood has the largest city park, Monument Valley Park, which features many hiking trails and even an off-leash dog area! In addition to this, there are smaller parks like Mesa Verde National Park as well as Black Forest Regional Recreation Area that offer plenty of outdoor activities for your family. You’ll also find a few lakes in the Northeast with fishing access points nearby: Lake Elmo Reservoir and Lewisville Lake are perfect spots for anglers looking to spend some time on the water or enjoy the scenery from shoreline pathways. What’s more? There are several mountain bike trails around town too if you’re up for getting out on two wheels!

There are a number of amenities that you might need when living in Northeast Central. The neighborhood has some grocery stores, convenience shops and gas stations as well as nightlife options such as bars pubs and restaurants. Some of the most popular places to visit this area include: Armida’s Restaurant; Club Pecos Bar & Grill – which is known for their delicious Tex-Mex cuisine!

If you’re looking to get outside then there are also plenty of parks nearby ranging from small playgrounds to larger green space like Johnson Farm Park or Memorial Gardens Cemetery.