Pros and Cons of Embalming

The process of embalming involves draining the blood from a person’s body and replacing it with formaldehyde, which is designed to slow down decomposition. The procedure requires that an incision be made in either the carotid artery or jugular vein and tubing inserted into the circulatory system so that all bodily fluids can drain out. This helps preserve internal organs until they are buried – or cremated if you prefer this alternative for your loved one after death .

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This method also allows for cosmetic procedures such as adding makeup on top of any visible cuts (usually around facial areas), reconstructing damaged skin tissue due to trauma, and even building up sunken cheekbones using wax-based models known as “flesh mounds.” However, the downside of all this is that embalming comes at a pretty high cost. Embalmers can charge up to $800 for their services, which might not be feasible for everyone.

After reading these pros and cons about embalming it becomes clear why you would want your loved one’s body to look as close as possible to how they did while living . The process of preserving human bodies has been around since ancient times , so there are plenty of pictures from history depicting people in ways that show off what was done after death. People have even gone through extreme measures such as mummification or freezing someone until technology developed enough where we could resuscitate them years later! But those options come with riskier side effects than simply paying an embalmer to preserve the body until burial or cremation.

It seems that embalming isn’t as common in today’s day and age . People are more likely to cremate their loved ones, which helps free up cemeteries from having too many graves open at once. However, this can be seen as a downside since it makes finding your family member’s final resting place a lot harder than with traditional burials where everyone is buried on top of one another in a cemetery-owned land plot! If you’re someone who loves being able to visit different grave sites each Memorial Day weekend for picnics then consider getting an urn so you’ll always have access to some ashes even if they don’t get buried somewhere specific.

Cremation is much cheaper than embalming, so if you are looking to save your loved ones some money while still having a traditional burial then this might be worth considering. It also allows for more flexibility in where remains get buried or spread out since there is no need for an expensive casket purchase!

Now that we’ve gone over the pros and cons of each method it’s clear why society has been trending away from burying bodies — instead opting for cremation . With such high costs associated with embalming , many people choose to take their family member’s ashes home and keep them on display or tucked into an urn until they can figure out what to do next.

Additionally, the ability to spread ashes around allows for more options when it comes to how your family member’s memory will live on. Some people choose to scatter them in different locations so that they can watch over everyone (like with Pet Semetary ), while others want their loved one’s memory within reach like at home .